When it comes to earphones, the current trend is leaning towards wireless as more smartphone makers start to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack.

One such firm is Huawei, and the Chinese company has been making wireless earphones to pair with its newer devices for a couple of years now. The latest offering is the FreeBuds 3, and Huawei has confirmed that they will be launching in South Africa on 2nd December.

Based on the images here the FreeBuds 3 look a lot like the wireless earphones from another American manufacturer with a fruit for a name. Much like those wearables, Huawei has tried to pack its FreeBuds 3 with plenty of functionality.

The brain behind it all is Huawei’s Kirin A1 chipset, which the firm showcased alongside the Mate 30 Pro earlier this year. The earphones also tout Bluetooth 5.1 and low energy Bluetooth 5.1, with Huawei says is capable of providing a more stable and interference-free listening experience.

Huawei adds that noise reduction is enhanced via the FreeBuds featuring the world’s first open-fit noise cancelling technology, but it’s unclear how these compare with active noise cancelling devices.

In terms of battery life the FreeBuds 3 delivers up to four hours of use from a single charge, but this increases to 20 hours when paired with the charging case. Said case also facilitates wireless or wired charging, with the latter happening via USB Type-C.

Now for the important thing – price. Huawei has given the FreeBuds 3 a recommended retail price of R2 999, but this could change depending on the retailer you head to.

With Black Friday kicking off soon, it may be a good idea to keep aside a little extra cash if you’re interested in these wireless earphones.