The holiday season and festive celebrations are so close we can smell the cloves and cinnamon.

After what has been a testing year we’re very keen to crash on the couch and binge watch a variety of shows and movies we’ve missed this year.

That goal is being made harder by the fact that Netflix South Africa is adding a ton of new content in December that falls firmly into the “Must Watch” category.

First up we have two licensed films hitting Netflix on 1st December. Those are Jack Reacher and American Sniper so if you’re a fan of sniper rifles, you’re sorted in that regard.

The only other licensed film slated to hit Netflix in December is Blade Runner 2049. The sequel to the original Blade Runner lands on 12th December.

Onward to Netflix’s original content then.

On 1st December, Netflix releases its original film Dead Kids. The film tells the tale of a group of socially awkward misfits looking to kidnap the school bully but things turn deadly.

A few days later on 4th December, Magic for Humans season two arrives. Justin Willman will amaze folks with playful tricks and showstopping magic routines.

On 5th December V-Wars, a new Netflix series debuts. Based on the comics by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson, the series tells the story of a doctor who is pitted against his best friend after a diseases begins turning folks into vampires.

For those interested, two Christmas movies in Home for Christmas and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby release on 5th December as well.

A number of series have new seasons launching on 6th December namely Fuller House and The Chosen One. For documentary lovers The Confession Killer will tell the story of Henry Lee Lucas who, while on trial for murder, confessed to hundreds of additional killings.

Fast forwarding a few days to 13th December, the highly anticipated 6 Underground releases. Starring Ryan Reynolds, the film showcases a team of six highly skilled individuals who all want to delete their pasts. The film is directed by Michael Bay so expect oodles of action and lots of pyrotechnics.

Netflix is slowly becoming the migration spot for members of The Daily Show. First we had Hassan Minaj with the excellent Patriot Act and now Ronny Chieng is getting his own comedy special.

Titled Asian Comedian Destroys America, we’re rather keen to see Chieng in his own special on 17th December.

Then, the highly anticipated adaptation of The Witcher saga arrives on Netflix on 20th December. This series has been a long time coming and stars Henry Cavill the iconic Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher has also already been earmarked for a second season.

Netflix is seemingly giving folks a fair bit of time to digest The Witcher as the next release date for new content will be 24th December.

On Christmas Eve the second season of Lost in Space kicks off and the Robinson family will continue to fight against the odds while they’re erm, lost in space.

There are a lot of great things releasing in December and with a few movies and series still in our backlog we see no reason to move from the couch (and aircon) this holiday season.