Twitter could be a lot more like Reddit in the near future, after the social media platform was found testing out a new nested conversations feature in its Twttr beta app.

Discovering the feature was Jane Manchun Wong, who has built up a solid reputation for finding hidden app elements and making spot on predictions. Wong uploaded a video of the feature in action (pasted below), with it making it easier to focus in on specific tweets as well as create and view nested replies with greater ease.

Should the feature make its way to the fully fledged version of Twitter, it would indeed give the platform more of a Reddit-style feel, with tweets and nested conversations making it more akin to a message board. As it is still in beta though, there could be quite a bit of refining and tweaking before the feature rolls out to the general user base, if it sees the light of day at all.

Regardless it’s clear that Twitter is continuing to work on ways to make users want to stay on the platform for longer. Whether this would have that desired effect, remains to be seen.