For the majority of this last decade Intel has been the top of the pops when it comes to computing at a consumer and enterprise level but that tide is now turning.

AMD has come out swinging over the last two years with the current highlight in its run of success being the Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs.

Those CPUs have seemingly pushed AMD up the ranks when it comes to preferred CPUs in the enthusiast PC market.

Data from a European Hardware Association (EHA) survey of 10 000 respondents reveals that AMD has increased in popularity to 60 percent over the last two years. Back in 2018, AMD’s popularity sat at 40 percent.

“The surge in preference from 50% to 60% over recent months, can be explained by the launch of AMD’s latest 3rd generation Ryzen desktop CPU,” said EHA chairman, Koen Crijns.

“Ryzen 3000 not only offers better performance under multi-threaded workloads, but also under lightly-threaded applications like PC games,” added Crijns.

The chairman also said that the latest Ryzen chips also close lingering performance gaps while offering a tempting price/performance return.

Image – EHA

In terms of GPUs, AMD does still fall behind Nvidia. Team Green is preferred by 72.8 percent of the enthusiasts but AMD is making in-roads in that market.

“Back in May, less than 19 percent of our readers were choosing AMD graphics. Today that number is closer to 23 percent,” said Crijns.

While enthusiasts are just one slice of the market, it’s interesting to see how the opinions of those who strive for ultimate performance are shifting.

With this data we’re now incredibly curious to see how AMD is performing in other areas of the PC market compared to the likes of Intel.