As games become bigger and increasingly complex the performance flaws of traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) have become increasingly apparent.

The trouble is that with large capacity SSDs still fetching a pretty penny, many gamers still opt for HDDs as storage drives for games as the cost-per-capacity is still incredibly hard to ignore.

This presents a problem for gamers, however, especially for multiplayer games where loading times are determined by the person who loads the game the slowest. Next time you’re in a lobby waiting for that last person to load in remember they are likely still using a HDD for their gaming needs.

The SeaGate FireCuda hybrid solid state hard drives solve this problem by giving gamers storage at speeds five times faster than traditional hard drives.

The FireCuda 2TB SSHD makes use of durable and fast NAND flash technology together with the platters present in traditional drives. There is no additional software or hardware required and the FireCuda drives plug right into a SATA port, just like any other HDD.

Unlike other HDDs, the FireCuda presents a performance boost as well.

Read speeds on the FireCuda clock in at 156MB/s whereas regular HDDs only manage to hit 120MB/s. That performance boost comes from the 8GBs of MLC NAND which acts as a cache and helps speed up transfers to and from the drive.

This means that games will load up faster and your operating system will boot faster as well.

In terms of reliability, Seagate offers up a five year limited warranty and what’s more is the drive is rated for 300 000 load and unload cycles. That means the drive can be powered on and off 300 000 times before it starts showing signs of wear. For added peace of mind, the predicted annualised failure rate of the FireCuda is less than one percent.

When building out your next PC or workstation, a hybrid solid state hard drive from Seagate can ensure your performance isn’t slowed while giving you the capacity for games or working files that you need.

The FireCuda is available in 1TB and 2TB capacities in a 3.5inch form factor.

Be sure to visit this page and enter the competition to win a Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSD with Seagate and Rectron.

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