After years of rumours, leaks and gossip, the Black Widow movie now has a short trailer to show us what Scarlett Johansson’s solo outing will look like.

Aside from some flashbacks from other MCU movies and what looks to be a de-aged General Ross, we’re then inundated with new characters from Natasha Romanova’s past and her history at the Red Room.

The first of these is Yelena, played by Florence Pugh. While Yelena does call Black Widow her sister, we’re pretty sure that’s because they come from the Red Room, and not because of any biological links.

Next up is David Harbour who is still packing the muscle he picked up to play Hellboy from earlier this year. He will be playing Red Guardian with a suitably cheesy, and very Russian, red costume.

The final big character here is Taskmaster who was part of the aforementioned leaks and still looks a bit silly in motion here. The ski goggles / skull face is just a bit ridiculous, so hopefully it grows on us.

As the first movie in the MCU’s fourth phase, Black Widow is set in the past, which makes sense for this movie to happen if you’ve watched Endgame.

The final bit of new content we have for the movie is a rather simple poster, a cropped version of which you can see above as the header image. Here’s a better look at the full thing.

Black Widow is out come 1st May 2020. That means that our unusually long Marvel movie drought will only end in about five month’s time.

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