Say you’re thinking of turning your back on Facebook for good, there’s a good chance you want to keep the photos you’ve amassed over the years.

While Facebook has allowed users to download their personal information and photos for some time, putting those images back into cloud storage for safe keeping has been something of a chore.

While it may seem like a niche situation Facebook is addressing it with a new tool.

“At Facebook, we believe that if you share data with one service, you should be able to move it to another. That’s the principle of data portability, which gives people control and choice while also encouraging innovation. Today, we’re releasing a tool that will enable Facebook users to transfer their Facebook photos and videos directly to other services, starting with Google Photos,” director of privacy and public policy at Facebook, Steve Satterfield, said in an update.

The tool is based on code developed in partnership with the Data Transfer Project which includes Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter as contributors. The Data Transfer Project was launched in 2018 with a view to create an open-source, service-to-service data portability platform.

Facebook’s photo migration tool is only available in Ireland at the moment but the social network says it plans to roll out worldwide availability in the first half of 2020.

“We are currently testing this tool, so we will continue refining it based on feedback from people using it as well as from our conversations with stakeholders,” Satterfield wrote.

Facebook has urged other firms to join the Data Transfer Project so as to expand the options available to users when it comes to data migration.