The past couple of weeks have been relatively stable in terms of power supply, but just when we thought things were running smoothly, Eskom has this afternoon announced that stage 2 loadshedding will take place from 16:00 today (5th December) until 23:00 this evening.

The power utility sent out a tweet a few minutes ago confirming the news, citing a shortage of capacity as the reason for today’s loadshedding. Precisely what this shortage of capacity entails is unclear, but in recent weeks it has been failing generators placed under massive strain that has been the cause.

Whether that is the same issue here is unknown, or indeed if this latest loadshedding announcement is only for today or the next few days.

For now all Eskom advises South Africans to do is check the loadshedding schedule to see for how long they will be without power. Our personal go-to for checking is an app called EskomSePush, which great name aside, is very helpful when viewing the different stages for specific areas and suburbs.

With the festive season set to kick off within the next two weeks, this latest announcement could not have come at a worse time.

We’ll keep all Hypertext readers up to date should the stage escalate, or if Eskom provides additional information as to the cause for today’s loadshedding.

[Image – Photo by Alessandro Bianchi on Unsplash]