If you’re a console gamer 2020 is shaping up to an exciting year, particularly as both Microsoft and Sony are readying to launch next-gen consoles.

The former is currently working on Project Scarlett, which was teased earlier this year, but now reports say Microsoft will have a second next-gen console to launch during 2020’s festive season too.

The report was originally made by Windows Central, with Kotaku later adding credence with its own sources said to be close to the project.

The lesser-specced console is codenamed Lockhart according to the gaming site, and is expected to serve as the Xbox One S equivalent to the more powerful and expensive Project Scarlett machine.

Speaking of which, sources say the new codename for the higher-specced console is Anaconda, but we highly doubt any of these names actually mean much, nor will they remain once the device proper is revealed.

While Microsoft has stayed mum on the subject, Kotaku is reporting an estimated 10 teraflops of graphical power from the Anaconda console, while the Lockhart one will feature a more modest 4 teraflops. Sticking with the lesser-specced model it is said to be aiming for 1440p gaming, with a new CPU being developed for the device too.

At this stage it’s unknown just how much cheaper the Lockhart console will be in comparison to the Anaconda, but with Sony also eyeing a release for the PlayStation 5 during the festive season in 2020, Microsoft may be hoping to hit the upper and lower end of the price spectrum in order to outsell its competitor.

Either way the battle lines are being drawn and soon it will be time to pledge your allegiances.