In a very surprising crossover, Geralt and Ciri from The Witcher series of games are now playable in Daemon X Machina on the Nintendo Switch.

As Daemon X Machina is a mech-centric game you won’t be getting any machines modelled after the pair, instead they will act as skins for the mech pilots, called Outers.

Aside from full reskins to perfectly recreate the pair, this DLC actually adds 11 new Plugsuit and hairstyle options which can be applied to a more regular Outer. Want to make an otherwise regular pilot but give them the weird cat Witcher eyes? Go ahead.

This DLC is completely free for owners of Daemon X Machina and and marks the third time that the game has partnered with other licences. Previously Eureka Seven and Code Geass have been added to the game in various ways. These two make a bit more sense, however, as they’re also brands based on mechs, and their DLC contained reskins so you could play as them in the game.

You can see how this plays out in the game with the trailer embedded below.

These crossovers, or collaborations as they’re being called, are growing so much that developer Marvelous has a section dedicated to them on their site.

As for how and why this collaboration came to be the site does not mention, only providing some vague details about The Witcher 3 and the complete edition which launched on the Switch earlier this year.

The Witcher crossover DLC is free to download right now on the Nintendo eShop in what looks to be all regions.