With Christmas and the festive season coming up there’s finally time to relax and play all those games in your backlog. It may also be time to treat yourself to a present this year with an upgrade to your machine, and faster storage should be near the top of the list as one of the quickest and easiest ways to speed up your system.

Seagate’s FireCuda SSDs tick just about every box when it comes to this category, and since it’s the season of listicles, let’s look at five reasons why it should be your next upgrade.

1. Less loading, more playing

Even if you’re lucky enough to get leave this festive season, you still want to make the most of every second of free time you have to play through that backlog of games that has been pilling up all year. Yes one of the biggest and most obvious reasons to upgrade to an M.2 NVMe SSD is the immense speed gains you get, even when compared to the regular SATA SSDs which used to be king of the hill when it came to storage speeds.

With read / write speeds multiple times higher than other options, you’re almost guaranteed to be the first person to load into the multiplayer game or race through the loading screen in singleplayer. When you have a limited amount of time to spend playing games, make sure you’re doing just that and not staring at progress bars.

2. Less space

The M.2 NVMe form factor is just about the smallest you can get when it comes to physical size. The FireCuda SSDs are so small that newer motherboards even have space on them for multiple drives, so you can load up on storage with needing to invest in things like drive bays. This miniature stature also means that it’s the perfect choice for notebooks as you’ll actually be decreasing the weight of your machine when you replace a slim HDD or a SATA SSD.

3. More space

What has kept M.2 NVMe drives from reaching the mainstream before now has been relatively small capacities for all that speed. Thankfully that’s changed recently with FireCuda SSDs now available in sizes up to two terrabytes.

With news of AAA games eating up more and more space seemingly breaking every single day, picking up these larger capacities give you piece of mind that you won’t have to delete other games or files to make space for the new 100+ gigabyte behemoth game that just released. While you can’t do much about developers and publishers pumping up the install sizes of their games, you can make space for them while still retaining that all important speed.

4. Peace of mind

As we depend more on our computers the looming dread of losing data is one that everyone shares. While games you own digitally can always be downloaded again, there’s no getting back those recordings, pictures and documents that are important which you haven’t had time to back up to the cloud. FireCuda are made for durability, work with SeaTools software to monitor drive health, and come with multi-year warranties to give you piece of mind.

5. Price per gigabyte

As mentioned earlier your faster drives can now come in gargantuan sizes. While you may think that comes with a “just don’t ask” price, that’s not the case. Due to advances in memory tech in recent years the prices of these M.2 NVMe drives have been going ever down, even here in South Africa where we always pay more compared to places like the US and UK. Don’t want to pay for two terabytes? No problem as one terabyte and 500 gigabyte variants are also available, so you don’t need to pay for space you don’t need.

If you’re in the market for a storage upgrade, you can get the FireCuda SSD range as well as many other products from Seagate in South Africa by checking out local distributor Rectron. 

Want some storage for free? Be sure to visit this page and enter the competition to win a Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSD with Seagate and Rectron.

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