While South Africa deals with another round of loadshedding, let’s get distracted with a bit of iPhone news. According to a report from noted industry analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo, the firm could be readying the release of rather radical iPhone. This as Kuo explains, is because it would not feature any ports whatsoever.

Said device is said to be ready for 2021, but of course would never comment on such a report at this stage.

That said Kuo’s track record with these kinds of predictions has been fairly accurate in the past, and Apple did indeed want to shake up the smartphone industry, an iPhone that relied solely on wireless technology to operate would be an interesting device indeed.

As such the only element of the device you would need to physically access would be the SIM tray, but the headphone jack and lighting port would be absent. With the former being ditched a few iPhones ago, this rumoured device would certainly set a new bar as far as purely wireless smartphones goes.

Perhaps the most notable element of this prediction is the fact that said iPhone would require wireless charging in order to work. With Apple’s previous wireless charging pad plans failing to come to fruition, it appears as if the Cupertino-based firm will take another crack at it.

How consumers would react to such a device is unclear though, especially given how much ire previous decisions that Apple made have stoked in its loyal community of consumers.

While a completely wireless and port-less iPhone narrows the number of consumers who will want to buy it, such a move would undoubtedly get Apple’s competition talking and perhaps even emulating the manufacturer.