Eskom has announced that loadshedding would be implemented for a second day in a row and this time it will last through until Saturday morning.

“As the electricity system continues to remain under severe pressure with unplanned breakdowns remaining above 12 500MW, Stage 2 loadshedding will regrettably be implemented from 09:00 until 06:00 tomorrow morning,” Eskom wrote in a power alert this morning.

The utility says that the reason for implementing loadshedding is due to low levels of reliability at “the generating plant”. Which plant that is, is unclear but unplanned outages currently sit at 12 500MW, way above the 9 500MW threshold Eskom needs to maintain in order to avoid loadshedding.

“Eskom’s Emergency Response Command Centre continues to monitor the system, while our technical teams continue to work around the clock to return additional units to the grid. With the incessant rain, we are beginning to experiencing (sic) coal handling problems at a number of our power station as a result of wet coal, which has contributed to additional load losses,” the utility said.

Eskom went on to say that should the rainy weather persist its supply will be negatively impacted and this may ultimately result in loadshedding being upgraded (or would that be downgraded) to higher stages. Higher stages of loadshedding means more frequent power outages.

With loadshedding now back we recommend our readers check their schedules online or alternatively contact your municipality.

Eskom’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are also worth a follow as official statements are relayed here rather quickly.

It’s also worth remembering that if loadshedding persists beyond the time stated in your schedule there is likely a problem with supply and you should contact your municipality.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]