After what seems like years about hearing about it we finally have our first look at Wonder Woman 1984, the much anticipated sequel to many fans’ favourite DCEU movie from 2017.

You can argue about what a trailer is supposed to do but if you agree that it should be a supercut of unique or interesting moments from the film, then this trailer knocks it out of the park.

There’s 80’s strip malls, a tiara toss, Wonder Woman shooting a bullet by hitting it with her gauntlet, a return to Themyscira, gold armour, the Lasso of Truth being used like Spider-Man’s webs to swing around a lightning storm and Chris Pine wearing a fanny pack.

Yes Pine’s character Steve Trevor returns in this movie somehow. We won’t spoil the 2017 movie, but if you’ve seen it you’ll know that he really shouldn’t be here. We wonder if the Lazarus Pits have anything to do with it.

Pedro Pascal’s character here is Max Lord who will be the antagonist, together with Cheetah played by Kristin Wigg. The Cheetah costume was not shown in the trailer but instead revealed by way of a character poster, and it’s a bit underwhelming, looking more like an animal print party outfit than anything else.

What was thankfully in the trailer is a lot of colour. Not only is this in line with the time period of the movie, but it also marks the continual distancing from the drab palette of previous DCEU movies. After the relative success of last year’s Aquaman, which also featured a saturated look, we expect this to be the standard for these movies going forward.

Wonder Woman 1984 launches on 5th June 2020, so we’re still quite a while away before it lands in theatres. We can expect more trailers, teasers and such to keep the hype train going before then.