The Nokia brand resurfaced a few years ago after it was shoved from pillar to post and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Since its reappearance, it has cemented itself as a manufacturer of affordable smartphones that work well.

Now however, Nokia is lending its name to a line of smart TVs being being manufactured by Flipkart, an ecommerce marketplace in India.

Of note here is that Nokia is simply lending its name to Flipkart, which will develop, manufacture, and distribute the Nokia branded smart TVs. While it seems odd, it’s important to remember that Nokia doesn’t even make its own smartphones anymore. HMD Global is licensed to use the Nokia brand to develop, manufacture and distribute Nokia smartphones.

“Working with Nokia allows us to further expand the choice of high-quality, technologically advanced products for Indian consumers,” explained senior vice president and head of private brands, electronics and furniture at Flipkart, Adarsh Menon.

“Nokia is a globally popular technology brand and enjoys immense brand recall, so we’re excited to start this journey with them to extend the brand into a fast-growing product segment.”

As for the TVs, according to a report by Gadget 360, it will feature a 55inch LED display and boast a 4K resolution. The operating system will be Android 9 and Chromecast is built into the TV’s smart features.

In addition to the Nokia brand, the TV will feature sound from JBL by HARMAN.

This Nokia TV will retail for Rs41 999 (~R8 621) when it goes on sale on 10th December in India.

Sadly we don’t think that Flipkart and Nokia will bring this TV to South Africa but stranger things have happened. Of course nothing is stopping folks from ordering the TV online and importing it to South Africa. With that having been said, we’re not sure about Flipkart’s delivery countries or the fees involved so it’s best to check that out before ordering.

For now we’ll just gaze on in jealousy at India which will soon have a 55inch, 4K TV available to buy for the equivalent of less than R10 000.