Come 14th January 2020, extended support for Windows 7 will cease and the operating system will no longer receive critical updates.

With that having been said, Microsoft will continue to provide support for the operating system in Extended Security Updates (ESU) to paying customers. This is being done so that businesses which have not yet migrated to Windows 10, and run critical applications on Windows 7 aren’t left in the lurch.

We mention all of this because users on My Digital Life, an online tech support forum, have discovered how to allow just about anybody to continue to receive support for Windows 7 using the ESU.

The users have hacked the ESU and found a way to bypass Microsoft’s checks which were put in place to verify that a user was indeed meant to receive updates.

Bypassing the checks allows anybody to download the test ESU which needs to be run before support for Windows 7 ends in January.

Simply put, the My Digital Life users employed the same techniques used by folks to circumvent the checks for a Windows license key to pirate Windows.

As the ESU is a paid service we won’t be linking any of the hacks published at the weekend. We also caution our readers against downloading this tool as the potential it has to land you in hot water with Microsoft is huge.

That having been said, with this hack now receiving global coverage we suspect Microsoft may change how it verifies which devices should receive ESU.

While we understand the need for some businesses to run Windows 7 we really recommend upgrading to Windows 10. Not only is it a great operating system, you won’t need to jump through hoops and tread legal lines to insure your computer is up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

[Source – ZDNet]