Famous US game show Jeopardy has recently included Pokémon on its show in a prominent role as a category.

While it is known around the world, those outside of the US (like us) may not be up to speed on the rules of the game. The rules and examples of how the game works on its official site, but here’s a quick explanation to understand the clip of Pokémon included on the show.

Contestants can pick from several categories and answer questions about that category to increase their standings. Aside from needing to answer questions in the form of a question, that’s all that’s really relevant here.

The Jeopardy Twitter account, before the episode aired, shared an image which references the famous Twitch Plays Pokémon event.

After the episode went live the account then shared the clip below, which is a cut of all the Pokémon-related questions which were asked. As this is an official account for the show instead of someone filming off of their TV or something like that, this is a legal video so it won’t be taken down as other fan clips are.

The contestants were able to correctly answer all four questions, with the fifth and final one not having time to air. That last question was included in the shared video below, thankfully.

As for the difficulty of the questions, they seem relatively easy even if you only have a passing understanding of the franchise.

Oh, and “Pokémon” was written correctly both on the board and in the provided subtitles. Between that and the references to the Twitch event and TM29 (usually the attack Psychic) the producers of Jeopardy clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to this franchise.

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