Last night South Africans were shocked to see an announcement from Eskom that the latest round of loadshedding would be elevated from the previous Stage 4 to Stage 6.

One place this announcement was made was on Twitter with the official Eskom account announcing the unfortunate news to the public.

On top of general (and justified) frustration and anger seen in the replies from citizens, many of them found the funnier side of the event and tweeted out jokes, memes and more back at Eskom.

In addition many were unaware that Stage 6 even existed, believing that Stage 4 was the cap.

Unfortunately for all of us Stage 6 does exist and calls for 6 000 MW to be shed. If that’s not bad enough the announcement shares this graphic for a plan going up to Stage 8, which could see the country need to shed 8 000 MW. This would result in many citizens being without electricity for 12 hours of each day.

Before that happens we’ve rounded up some of the funniest replies to the Stage 6 news and embedded them below.