Supergiant Games, the company famous for classics like Bastion and Transistor, has been working on Hades for the past few years, and you’re now able to play it on Steam.

Before now the title has been exclusive to the Epic Games Store where it helped launch the platform way back when.

Aside from being on Steam, a platform most people prefer, this new launch comes with two added benefits.

The first is something we’ve come to expect in the form of a launch week discount. If you buy Hades before 17th December you get 20 percent whatever regional price you would pay otherwise.

The second benefit is a bit more interesting in the form of a free copy of Supergiant Games’ previous title: Pyre. Anyone who buys Hades before 2nd January 2020 will receive a copy of Pyre. Sweetening the deal even more is the fact that this free copy is not locked to your Steam account, and is giftable, so you can pass it on should you already own it.

Not only is this a great way to reward those who have supported the developer in the past, but this is the giving season so you can get a nice gift for a friend or family member practically for nothing. At the time of writing Pyre has an Overwhelmingly Positive review standing on Steam for recent reviews, and a Very Positive Standing overall.

As for Hades, in the few hours it has been available on Steam it has racked up a Very Positive standing with 96 percent of the 133 reviews being positive.

If you’re thinking about jumping in based on those reviews, the discount and / or the free game, just keep in mind that it is still in Early Access. The 1.0 launch is slated for some time in 2020, but no definitive launch date has been provided.

That’s not to see there isn’t a lot of meat on the bones, however. As a big part of roguelikes is discovery, we won’t spoil the exact number of biomes, bosses and characters in it. These can, however, be found on the Steam page.

If you’re not caught up on this game we highly recommend the documentary from Noclip around the development of Hades from its initial launch to the first few content drops. It’s a fascinating look at this kind of game development complete with the quality we’ve come to expect from Noclip.