Earlier this week the 2020 Golden Globes nominations were revealed, and one of the more surprising elements were the number of Netflix originals that were up for awards.

This is nothing new, with series like Orange is the New Black scooping several awards in the past, but the Best Film category featured three Netflix original movies – Marriage Story, The Two Popes and The Irishman – which is a first for the streaming platform more commonly known for bingewatching.

In recent years Netflix has been fighting to get its films recognised by the likes of Cannes and the Academy Awards to no avail, with both organisations citing a lack of screenings in cinemas. For the Irishman specifically Netflix booked cinema in order to meet said requirements, so is the tide turning for Netflix and the original movies that it makes?

Given the most recent batch of nominations for the Golden Globes it looks to be a yes, with the platform now attracting and investing in talented directors like Martin Scorsese and Noah Baumbach in order to get the critical recognition it has been yearning for.

With a flurry of streaming services cropping up lately and more expected in the new year, Netflix will need to find a way to differentiate itself from the competition, and being the platform where award-winning original content might be the answer.

Sticking with The Irishman as an example, films like that have also seen commercial success for Netflix. The streaming service recently confirmed that 26.4 million accounts viewed the film in its first week of availability, with 400 million accounts in total doing in 28 days following release.

With the film running roughly three and a half hours long, getting viewers to sit down and watch such a lengthy movie is some feat. It could also serve that there is indeed an appetite for that type of content alongside the series which the platform has built its reputation on.

While success of its newer projects is interesting to see, the more intriguing element to all this is whether Netflix originals will get more nominations once 2020’s award season gets up and running.