If you’ve been any any social media platform on the indie side of things in recent times you’ve likely seen a gif or video of the charming game SkateBIRD, a Kickstarter title with a descriptive name looking to bring back the skating game genre, but with cute birbs.

The crowdfunding for SkateBIRD only promised a PC version (as well as Mac and Linux) but now we know that the game will also be on Nintendo Switch.

This announcement comes courtesy of the official Nintendo YouTube channel with a short, relaxed video. In the description we find the release date for the title on the platform being late in 2020, which matches up with its Steam listing too.

The eShop listing is also now available with more details on the game. It promises ” simple controls familiar to any pro skating tiny hawk”, a mix of outfits for the birds and an original lo-fi soundtrack featuring unlockable music and secret mixtapes.

Aside from the cute bird one of our favourite features here is the environment, as you use magazines as ramps, skate around an office and do tricks off of computer screens. We may be suckers for this kind of real world tiny environment because of games like Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes, so it’s always nice to see.

If you’re excited to give this one a try all there’s really left to do now is wait for the release. Developer Megan Fox (no not that one) did slyly mention another big announcement, aside from the game coming to Switch. That announcement will happen later this week, but if we had to guess we’d put our money on a port to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.