As 2019 finally ends Pornhub has released its annual Year in Review to map out all the data of what its users have been doing on its platform in the last year.

The full report is available on the Pornhub website here for anyone to read in full. Despite where it’s hosted that link is completely safe for work, though you’ll still have “” in your history, so maybe pop open an incognito window.

While you could spend many hours pouring through the impressively detailed numbers, what we want to focus on today is searches relating to videogames, a segment that Overwtach has come first in.

Blizzard’s hero shooter was the most searched videogame in 2019, boasting an 8% popularity increase. Following it is Fortnite in second place and Pokémon in third.

The top ten videogame searches on Pornhub in 2019 are as follows:

Despite Overwatch being the most popular, the spotlight has been shined on 2019’s new battle royale Apex Legends. Pornhub listed it as number eight in its top ten “Searches that Defined 2018” along with topics such as “amateur” and “alien”.

It placed fifth in the overall videogame searches in 2019 above, and made a massive splash when it launched in February with a peak daily search count of 357 701. To put that into perspective another popular battle royale, Fortnite, had an average of 151 000 searches per day.

As we reported on earlier this year Borderlands 3 also had an impact on the platform. Its overall growth when compared to 2018 is 554%.

The final major category when it comes to videogames is not franchises as we’ve been talking about above, but rather individual characters themselves.

In that regard Zelda, Lara Croft and D.Va claimed the top spots with millions of searches each in 2019. Zelda, in first place, is edging six million searches with a 138% increase when compared to 2018.

Interesting to note here is Bowsette. The fan creation of fusing Bowser with Princess Peach was seemingly everywhere in 2018, including in porn. In 2019 searches for the character on Pornhub dropped 174% compared to last year.

The top individual characters by number of searches are below. In a very strange move Pornhub has chosen to present 28 characters instead of a round number like 30.