Last night was The Game Awards 2019, and while there were a bunch of winners announced, of more importance for us was the forthcoming games and other announcements.

We saw a teaser for Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox Series X, and as for Sony’s PlayStation 5, there was no reveal, but we did get to see the first game announced for the next-gen console. That game is called Godfall and is described as a looter-slasher.

From what we can gauge by the game’s website, it looks like it will support either single, two or three player co-op gameplay, as well as feature an over-the-shoulder third-person POV while playing, akin to what we saw with God of War.

Little else is known about the title, but it is expected to launch during the holiday season next year to coincide with the launch of the PS5, as well as hitting the Epic Store at the same time.

As such it looks like both PS5 and PC players will be able to enjoy the game, but it remains to be seen whether it will be an exclusive for Sony’s console initially and whether it will launch on other platforms like Steam or indeed Xbox moving forward.

Godfall was not the only title that PlayStation prepared Game Awards trailers for, with both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Ghost of Tsushima getting new footage, although both games are earmarked for the PS4 at the time of writing. We for one hope the latter will receive a PS5 port, as it is certainly one of our hotly anticipated games for 2020.

We’re yet to hear about the exclusive titles that Microsoft has lined up for the Xbox Series X, but it looks like next year will see both competing consoles vying for supremacy in the game availability stakes. Either way it’s time to start saving as both next-gen consoles will cost a pretty penny.