Following a week of loadshedding consisting of the highest severity of the power cuts witnessed yet, Eskom has not needed to implement loadshedding for three consecutive days.

That trend continues today as Eskom declared there would be no loadshedding today and the probability of loadshedding for this week is low.

With that having been said, Eskom is not totally out of the woods yet. The utility continues to supplement its capacity shortfall with emergency reserves where needed.

The good news is that Eskom plans to continue maintenance on its systems throughout the holiday period.

“Our technical teams will continue to work over the holiday period to monitor the situation and to work at reducing unplanned breakdowns to below 9 500MW to enable us to minimise the risk of loadshedding,” the utility said in a power alert this morning.

The bad news is that despite this positive outlook, the risk of loadshedding persists. Eskom has said that the system remains vulnerable and unexpected breakdowns or a shift in demand may force Eskom to implement loadshedding.

“We will keep South Africans informed about the status of the electricity system and our recovery efforts throughout this period,” said Eskom.

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