By now you should be well versed with Mercedes-Benz and its EQ lineup of all-electric vehicles. While none of them have been earmarked for local roads, the German carmarker continues to detail upcoming EVs and the latest is called the EQA.

Mercedes-Benz teased an image of the EQA on Twitter recently, touting it as an all-electric brother to the GLA SUV the company has in its stable, along with an updated version arriving in 2021.

As for the EQA, it is expected to be debuted in full next year, although a precise reveal date has not been confirmed. It’s also unclear when it will hit roads in selected markets, which means the wait to see the EQA in action could be even longer.

If it is indeed an all-electric alternative to the GLA, which is slated to receive an update in 2021, the EQA could also launch in that year.

For now there is no word on how much the EQA will cost, but again going off the GLA comparisons, which is one of Mercedes-Benz’s more affordable SUV options, the forthcoming EV could be a less expensive alternative to the recently launched EQC that starts at $67 00 Stateside.

With the number of electric vehicle models limited in SA for now, the next couple of years could see a massive influx of brands and options, provided the necessary charging infrastructure is made available for now.

Either way if you’re wanting to go electric, you’re going to have to save up, as the technology comes at a premium.