One way third party controllers have been offering more than the official ones from the likes of Sony and Microsoft have been the inclusion of extra buttons. Now Sony is bringing that functionality to its DualShock 4 with the Back Button Attachment.

The drily named peripheral is an add-on that connects into the controller, taking up both ports at the bottom of the device. The Back Button Attachment adds, as you may expect, extra buttons, but only two of them.

The real strange inclusion here is a small circular screen. This OLED display shows which of the three profiles is currently in use and can be tapped to switch between them.

Thankfully the Back Button Attachment does have its own audio jack to replace the one it is covering up, so you don’t need to change your preferred setup if you decide to use this product.

Sony is positioning this as a product for competitive players, but we’re sure it will have wider appeal than that for people who simply don’t like exactly how the DualShock 4 is structured, and those who are differently abled.

Despite the limited functionality on offer here, this device is rather expensive. In the announcement only two prices have been revealed: USD $29.99 and CAD $39.99. Right now you can buy a discounted black DualShock 4 for just $44.10, which puts into perspective how expensive this is.

As you may expect from those two countries being included, release has only been confirmed for the US and Canada on 23rd January 2020. As this is an official PlayStation product, we assume it will have a wider reach to all regions where the PlayStation 4 is sold.