Are you looking for some new music to get you through the December holidays? If you’re a YouTube Music user then you’re in luck.

The music streaming service now boasts a Discover Mix, a New Release mix and a personalised Your Mix playlist.

Much like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, Discover Mix is meant to introduce you to new artists you may not have heard before or tracks from artists you listen to frequently.

New Release Mix – as the name suggests – will keep you up to date with new releases you may be interested in.

Your Mix consists of tracks and artists you already listen to frequently.

The playlists will be updated at various points during the week. Discover Mix is updated every Wednesday and New Release Mix gets an update on Fridays when most new releases drop.

The Your Mix playlist will get minor updates regularly according to YouTube.

“The more you listen to and like songs, the better your mixes will be. New to YouTube Music? Don’t worry, we can start delivering a personalized experience after you’ve selected a couple of artists you like during setup, or even after listening to just a few songs,” explains product manager for YouTube Music, Nathan Lasche.

Whether YouTube’s recommendations will be able to compete with the likes of Spotify remains to be seen but quite frankly, we don’t think it will.

Despite using both services for some time, we prefer Spotify and the recommendations it makes. That is of course thanks to the service’s all-powerful algorithm which is honestly, nigh unbeatable when it comes to recommendations.

That having been said, if you are making use of YouTube Music, some personalised playlists that offer up new music should be a welcome addition to the service.

[Source – YouTube] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]