AOC AG352UCG6 Gaming Monitor Review: Larger Than Life

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Gaming like any kind of hobby, becomes more expensive the more time you dedicate to it. While you could have gotten away with bootstrapped solutions or devices, eventually you’re going to have to with a purpose-built offering.

This is the space that I think gaming monitors fall into. Previously I was happy to go with a relatively cheap and utilitarian desktop monitor to get the job done, but having recently used the AOC AG352UCG6 gaming monitor, I’m not sure that I can switch back to my old setup.

Here’s why this gaming monitor left an impression on me, and why it will likely do the same for you.

In your face

The first thing that struck me about the AG352UCG6 (I’ll refer to it as 35″ AOC G6 from here on out) as I was unpacking it was its sheer size. The monitor is quite the beast, and once setup cuts an imposing figure atop your desk. For those wanting to create an intimidating aura with their own gaming setup, the 35″ AOC G6 certainly gets the job done.

Honing in on the dimensions, the monitor is 35″ as you have ascertained by now, with a slightly curved designed. It wouldn’t be right to call it an out-and-out curved monitor, with its curvature radius coming in at around 20cm. It’s therefore on the more subtle side of things in the curved monitor spectrum.

As such things are kept immersive, but not suffocating, with a wide enough real estate for tasks other than gaming when needed.

The 35″ display serves up a QHD 3440×1440 resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. Those are solid numbers in anyone’s book, and the difference in quality when I connected my PlayStation 4 to the mix was significant. Yes, I know this kind of monitor is best suited for a PC setup, but seeing as I am a console gamer for the most part I went that route instead.

As mentioned the difference in quality between this unit and my regular 27″ Full HD option (brand name withheld) are night and day. Content looked richer and more highly detailed, with gameplay also costing along at a smoother rate too.

In terms of visuals then the AOC AG352UCG6 offers all of the elements you’re looking for.

Give and take 

Should you be wanting to set this monitor up to a custom rig instead of a console, AOC has seen fit to add a plethora of ports, which is one of the big perks on offer here. There’s a HDMI and DisplayPort, as well as two USB 3.0 and one 3.5mm headphone jack to call upon.

In that respect you should be all set, but all those ports and slots are difficult to access, sitting on the underside of the display portion of the 35″ AOC G6. This makes them difficult to access, and if you plan to be chopping and changing connections regularly, you’ll quickly find yourself contorting your neck in order to see precisely what you’re inserting into where.

This as the 35″ AOC G6 is too heavy to be moving around frequently. Even the central adjustable stand push to its highest position and the screen tilted back as far as it can manage, things are difficult to properly see.

While this is in no way something that will stop you from buying the gaming monitor, it is proof that this is the kind of device that you’ll likely want to set up once and leave alone from there, given its dimensions and weight.

Another issue is the button sitting just below the AGON logo up front. This facilitates a number of processes on the AOC AG352UCG6, with it handling power, as well as searching through settings and controlling the volume.

If you’re running things in a PC setup this issue is quickly handled via your computer’s native controls, but console users will soon find themselves getting quite familiar with said button while calibrating the monitor.

Final verdict

The AOC AG352UCG6 is an impressive gaming monitor, but more importantly it’s designed with a prosumer in mind. Someone who wants to seriously upgrade their current monitor option into something that will become as much a fixture in their setup as the rig or console they use to game on is.

At between R18 500 to R20 000, depending on which retailer you head to, the 35″ AOC G6 is certainly a pricey gaming monitor. Countering this price tag is a generous amount of screen real estate, a bevy of ports and connections and most crucially an immersive and detailed visual experience.

It all boils down to whether you can afford to invest in a piece of hardware that will last you for the foreseeable future.


Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Editor of Hypertext. Covers smartphones, IoT, 5G, cloud computing and a few things in between. Also a keen photographer and dabbles in console games when not taking the hatchet to stories.