DreamWorks partners with makers to create official Voltron 3D print

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3D Print sharing and sales platform MyMiniFactory has made a name for itself by offering something unique: fan-made prints which are officially sanctioned and sold by the licence holders. After facilitating this process for Valiant Comics and Adventure Time in the past, MyMiniFactory has now teamed up with DreamWorks for a print centred around Voltron.

Salma Elbarmawi, chief marketing officer at MyMiniFactory, tells us that the company has been working with DreamWorks  and NBCUniversal since 2018.

“Dreamworks recognized the overlapping fandom and collaborative efforts of the 3D printing community and became enthusiastic at the prospect of creating official Dreamworks content that was readily available for makers,” Elbarmawi says. “Rather than keeping the license in house, we opted to work with MyMiniFactory studio designer [Thomas Davis], who designs content. As a platform and community we value openness and inclusivity which leads to including designers in projects with larger brands.”

We’ve featured the work of Davis many times in the past, most recently for his Apex Legends articulated Pathfinder miniature from earlier this year.

Speaking to Davis this project started life out in ZBrush with a full week’s worth of work going into the model before it was ready to be printed. Using official reference material from DreamWorks the challange here was to make something that is screen accurate while also being printable without supports.

Printing itself took between 12 and 15 hours to complete resulting in a highly detailed bust that is six inches (15.24 centimetres). While the six inch version is the one you see on this page, Davis adds that he’s seen other members of the community take the model and print it to massive sizes.

Finishing work here involved three rounds of applying primer and then sanding, combined with a bit of filler material. A black acrylic was painted on before a Rub ‘n Buff silver capped things off to give the print a stately, uniform look which fits the decorative bust look.

“MyMiniFactory reached out to me for this project. I’m really grateful for their trust in me to create this amazing model. They have been working on partnerships with well known IP and designers for some time now and I hope they continue to have huge success in this. I think it really means a lot to the 3D printing community for large brands to see that there is demand for 3D printed designs and respond so positively,” Davis ends off.

If you’d like to print your own Voltron bust, the files are available for $11.99.

We also recommend checking out Davis’ Patreon which includes early access to his creations. See his Rick Grimes action figure and Korok prints for more examples of what he can do.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.


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