Linus Tech Tips streaming platform Floatplane now in open beta, calling for creators

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For years now popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips has been working on Floatplane, its own streaming platform that focuses on providing a safety net for creators instead of a true competitor to other services.

Floatplane has been active for some time now with a limited number of creators already hosting their videos there, but now the gates have been opened and beta access means that anyone can apply.

What differentiates Floatplane from others is the fact that videos cannot be watched for free, with each instead requiring a subscription charged monthly.

That being said the videos uploaded there are not exclusive, but are also available on their home platform YouTube where they can be watched for free (supported by ads). This really drives home the point that Floatplane is meant to be a way to support your favourite creators similar to something like Patreon, while being a safe haven for content that isn’t controlled by a tech giant.

It appears that this initial batch of creators also upload new videos to Floatplane in advance of YouTube, so an extra benefit for the viewer is early access.

For those looking to get involved head on over to the site and click on “Join”.There viewers can sign up and new creators can click on the option at the bottom to join the platform.

We’re not sure what the process of being accepted to Floatplane is, so if you’re in a position to consider this give it a look.

For us viewers the list of creators currently on the site (and the subscription options) are available below. We suspect that this list will grow greatly in the future with the open beta.

  • Bitwit Ultra ($3 per month)
  • EposVox ($5 or $10 per month)
  • Greg Salazar ($5 per month)
  • Linus Tech Tips ($5 per month)
  • TechDeals ($5 per month)
  • UFD Tech ($5 per month)

[Image – Bannon Morrissy on Unsplash]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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