The Rise of Skywalker comes to Fortnite and Battlefront 2

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The new trilogy of Star Wars films ends this Friday when The Rise of Skywalker finally launches, and you’ll be able to play content from the movie in two different games by way of DLC.

Recently EA revealed what it would be adding to Battlefront 2 by way of an extremely impressive trailer, embedded below.

While you may be able to catch what’s new in the trailer on its own, a dedicated blog post outlines exactly what is provided in this update. A new jungle planet, four reinforcement characters, and hero appearances for Finn, Kylo Ren and Rey are on offer.

The Rise of Skywalker update for Battlefront 2 launches today, 17th December, and is a free update on all platforms.

A couple of days ago Fortnite announced that its latest crossover would be with Star Wars. The Rise of Skywalker joins properties such as Borderlandsthe AvengersJohn Wickthe NFLJordan Brand and Stranger Things. We’re not sure what the record for most game crossovers is, but Fortnite is surely a contender.

All manner of vehicles, weapons and characters are now available in Fortnite with the cartoonish art style of the game reminding us a bit of Disney Infinity.

As with all Fortnite crossovers this is also a free update.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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