After a few weeks of reprieve from loadshedding, the festivities kicked off again at the weekend due to a conveyor belt failure at Medupi Power Station.

This failure prompted Eskom to implement Stage 2 loadshedding from 22:00 on Saturday evening through until 23:00 on Sunday evening.

Despite fears of loadshedding returning in full force on Monday, Eskom has said that there will be no loadshedding today despite the system being constrained and vulnerable.

“There is sufficient water at the pumped storage schemes and we have managed to conserve diesel at our open cycle gas turbine generators and continue to work to replenish the diesel levels,” said Eskom.

With that having been said, breakdowns currently sit at 13 119MW as of 05:45 on Monday morning. The utility’s technical teams continue to perform maintenance in order to avoid unplanned breakdowns.

Loadshedding is not the only reason Eskom drew attention at the weekend. A report by City Press reveals that Eskom wants R1.8 billion for performance bonuses. This is according to court papers filed by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa).

Of chief concern is the fact that the bonus figure was not outlined in Eskom’s tariff application published in 2019 for public comment.

For now loadshedding appears to have been avoided but whether that will hold true for the rest of the week – or indeed the duration of Monday – remains to be seen.

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