We were just packing up for the day when we received a power alert from Eskom informing us that Stage 2 loadshedding would be implemented from 01:00 to 06:00 on Wednesday morning.

Breakdowns currently sit at 13 600MW and the system is constrained and unpredictable according to Eskom’s statement.

The alert goes on to inform South Africans that the reason loadshedding will take place so late is so that it is less disruptive than it would be during a work day.

During loadshedding Eskom will recuperate emergency reserves it used during the day.

However, Eskom cites another reason for delaying loadshedding until 01:00 on Wednesday morning.

“In order to give matriculants an opportunity to receive their matric results, the implementation of stage 2 loadshedding has been delayed to 01:00 on Wednesday morning. This decision will also allow the matriculants enough time to make their way home safely,” reads the power alert.

At first this seems odd but given that cell towers tend to go down during loadshedding and many Matrics will be heading online to view their results, delaying loadshedding is rather thoughtful of Eskom.

That having been said, we’d prefer there be no loadshedding at all but, of course, that’s an entirely different matter altogether.

“Our teams continue to work tirelessly to return units back from planned and unplanned outages. Owing to inadequate maintenance over a number of years, the system remains vulnerable to unplanned outages. We, however, remind customers that loadshedding is an essential and controlled measure to protect the power system from total collapse or blackout,” said Eskom.

You can find your loadshedding schedule online here.