We’ve had our first surprise announcement from CES 2020, currently underway in Las Vegas, as Sony has revealed an electric concept car the Japanese firm is calling Sony Vision-S.

You can watch the car being revealed by Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida in the video pasted below (from 25:30 onwards). “This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility,” added Yoshida.

As such it remains to be seen what Sony’s plans for the concept car are at this stage, with very few details being mentioned by the CEO.

What Yoshida did note however, is that the Vision-S and the technology within did not solely come from the Japanese firm, as other companies partnered on this project. Qualcomm and Nvidia provided silicon for some of the processing elements for example, with the likes of Continental, Here and Bosch assisting with other practical aspects too.

There are reportedly 33 different sensors littered around the vehicle, all of which provide critical information to the central hub inside the vehicle, with a range of displays found int he cabin too. Whether the Vision-S will have self-driving or some degree of automated operation moving forward is unknown for now.

Unfortunately we do not know what kinds of performance the Vision-S can deliver either, but a newly developed EV platform for the car has been made by automotive supplier Magna.

Whether this is just a feeler or a statement of intent remains to be seen, but it at least shows that Sony is looking further than TVs, smartphones and IoT devices, which it has focused on over the past few years.