Even if you’re not a fan of the ever-present Funko products you may want to check in on the toys if you’re a fan of Pokémon, as the two have been working together for some time now.

The latest product to come from this partnership is a two Pokémon figure featuring series mascot Pikachu along with Diglett.

There’s no expressionless black void eyes here (Bulbasaur is truly terrifying) with Pikachu instead having a shocked anime-esque expression to Diglett popping out of the ground.

This little scene is part of the “A Day With Pikachu” series of figures. This year-long promotion produces a new figure every month, which are promptly sold out as soon as they become available on the Pokémon Center.

A Day With Pikachu has been going on for months now, so why cover this figure in particular? Well it’s because “Surprising Weather Ahead” (the name for this latest entry) is the twelfth such creation in the promotion. As this series of toys is specifically mentioned to be a year long and most are themed to specific events for each month, it makes sense that this will be the last A Day With Pikachu product, though this has not been confirmed.

Unfortunately, right now, we only have the low res images on this page provided by the announcement post. Better quality promotional still will hopefully be provided closer to the release.

Speaking of: this figure will be available later this month in regions where the Pokémon Center is available.