Typing on a smartphone with my sausage fingers is never fun and as a result I often avoid it altogether.

Thanks to apps such as Your Phone, WhatsApp for Windows and more, I don’t need to type on my smartphone. That is, until I’m away from my desk.

For anybody else experiencing this most first world of problems, we bring you joyous news.

Samsung has a new solution it calls SelfieType. The feature uses your smartphone camera and artificial intelligence to track your hands as you you type across an invisible keyboard.

Of course the big problem here is that you will need to remember the exact layout of a keyboard in order for this to work. Despite using a keyboard everyday for eight hours a day, for the life of me I could not tell you where every key on a keyboard is.

As The Verge points out, users would likely have to return their hands to the same position every time they move their hand which may prove tricky.

SelfieType comes out of Samsung’s C-Lab program and while some ideas make it out of that incubator, many don’t.

Whether we will ever see a real-world example of SelfieType remains to be seen but it is being demoed at CES 2020.

Do we want an invisible keyboard? Not really no but this is a far more elegant solution than the laser projection keyboards that were promising an

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