Disney+ has proved to be a massive hit, despite the exclusive streaming service available in only a handful of countries since launching in November last year. A recent mark of its success is the platform surpassing the $100 billion valuation mark, according to CNBC.

$108 billion to be more precise, which is quite the feat considering the service has been around for less than two months, having launched Stateside on 12th November in 2019.

What is perhaps even more impressive is the fact that the valuation equates to 69 percent of rival streaming service, Netflix, according to a recent assessment done by financial firm Barclays.

The institution notes that Disney+ accounts for more a little under a third of the value of Disney’s entire business, which is valued at $320 billion. As such if there is a one hot stock to invest in moving forward it is Disney, which has seen a sharp rise of 30 percent over the past year.

With 10 million subscribers signing up for the service on its first day, and as many as 25 million projected for the end of the upcoming quarter, it’s clear the likes of Netflix and other streaming services will have a key player to contend with moving forward.

Add to that the fact that Disney+ has not had a wider global release yet, and unfortunately in South Africa we’re still no closer to knowing when the service will be made available locally.

With a slew of exclusive content on the way this year, that impending announcement is made all the more anxious.

Currently Disney has earmarked a global subscriber base of between 60 and 90 million by 2024 for Disney+, and given its current trajectory, that mark may be a little conservative.

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