While we’re not engineers or designers here at Hypertext we do consider ourselves creatives, and we know the struggle around wasting time, money and mental energy on the tools used to create, instead of the creations themselves.

With an almost infinite number of options out there when it comes to your workstation, display and more, it can become a real headache to sort through everything, make comparisons, and balance out what you’re getting for your money before settling on a decision.

Thankfully Digital Generation, an HP First-Platinum Partner, has the perfect fit for you, with HP’s Z Workstation range of products available to help you along the way. This range, which has been around for 30 years now, is specifically designed for those who need to crunch a massive render, easily skip through a video timeline or just stay speedy while the day’s work piles up and eats into system resources.

Digital Generation has 20 years of experience to lean on when it comes to providing you with the best hardware in the business for your ICT needs.

If you’re a single freelancer working on client orders at home or you’re looking to outfit an entire building of professionals with the best gear, there’s an HP Z Workstation out there for you, and everyone in between.

So what makes these devices top of the pile when it comes to other systems, or even a desktop you assemble yourself?

Firstly, HP works closely with independent software vendors to make sure that your product works with the latest versions of their programmes right out of the box. CAD, audio production, video editing, you name it and it has been vetted on a Z Workstation machine.

But, as we all know, just working isn’t good enough, it’s also about how long you and your machine can work. HP really puts their devices through the wringer to ensure that they’re endurance tested before they arrive at your door. Z Workstations are subjected to 115 thousand hours of testing, and Z Books – the Z Workstation range of notebooks – are dropped, vibrated, shocked and more to ensure that they survive whatever you can throw at them.

HP also offers up a trio of software to keep your hardware going.

First up is Performance Advisor which tunes your PC to match your workload. This allows you to manage your settings and drivers as you see fit, which is especially important if you’re responsible for more than one system.

Next is Client Management Portfolio designed for fleet management. OS activation, configuration and patching can all be handled from here, reducing the costs of doing every system on at a time.

Finally there’s Velocity, a network management system which is particularly helpful when the internet is refusing to cooperate, something that’s all too familiar in this country and many others.

Various devices from the HP Z Workstation range are available in South Africa right now, including the beautiful curved 38 inch Z38c display you can see above, with Digital Generation stocking the full lineup too.

Aside from its years of experience, Digital Generation works with you to create a hardware and software solution to best fit your business or personal needs, so get in contact with them today.

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