There has been a lot of talk around the importance of cybersecurity, particularly as it pertains to the enterprise space.

This as announcements about another data breach impacting large corporations are being made every other week. While resource-intensive security measures are one solution, it still does not take care of the most important element: employee devices.

It’s a factor that local IT specialists Digital Generation is acutely aware of, assisting South African businesses with device, services and solution needs on a regular basis. On the devices end of things Digital Generation turns to and endorses the EliteBook range of notebooks from HP.

This as the manufacturer is constantly refining the experiences and features available on this lineup, and this means the current range of EliteBooks are the most secure that HP has made to date.

Hardware and software

To that end the firm has worked hard on both the hardware and software side of things, providing both physical and virtual solutions to provide its EliteBook users peace of mind.

An example of the physical elements includes a privacy camera, which provides a sliding shutter to protect from anyone trying to infiltrate your notebook’s front facing camera. Added to this is Sure View, a button-based solution that blocks the view to your screen from any prying eyes that may be in the vicinity. This feature in particular is handy should you be working on any sensitive or important documents.

On some models of EliteBook, HP has also integrated multi-factor authentication thanks to the inclusion of passwords, facial recognition and a fingerprint reader. This layered approach to authentication is vital should your business choose to entrust employees with the security of network access or other mission-critical aspects.

With the physical elements taken care of, the company has not forgotten about software either. Here the Sure Sense application assists in protection against malware, with an estimated 350 000 new variants being created each day. The Sure Sense solution utilises deep learning algorithms and an advanced neural network in order to recognise malware and more effectively protect against attacks.

World’s first and only

With attackers proving highly persistent these days, one of the HP solutions that Digital Generation is most keen for enterprise customers to experience is Sure Run.

This innovative solution keeps critical security protections up and running, while also preventing any unwanted changes to your security settings. Providing resiliency against attacks, Digital Generation firmly believes attackers will not be able to get control of your notebook if your defences stay intact.

Adding to the intelligence onboard the EliteBook range is the ability to self-heal.

This thanks to Sure Start, which is a technology which was introduced a few years ago and has been refining ever since. Here it features the world’s first and only self-healing BIOS (basic input/output system), which recovers automatically from attacks or corruption.

As such should all of HP’s other hardware and software features fail to protect your notebook and environment from vigilant cyberattackers, the Sure Start application can ensure that nothing is lost in the event of a malicious intrusion.

Protect and serve

When it comes to choosing devices to deploy in your own business, or give to employees, it makes sense to go for a brand that understands the importance of security, has the necessary solutions in place, and has a proven track record in keeping things secure.

With all of the above provided in abundance with the EliteBook range, it is why Digital Generation is a HP First-Platinum Partner.

To find out more about the EliteBook range or what Digital Generation can do for your business, head to its website here.

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