Portable drives are rather, well, samey. To be frank if you’ve seen one external drive you’ve likely seen them all, that is until you see something decidedly different.

Today that differentiator comes to use from Samsung which has just unveiled the T7 Touch portable SSD.

The difference between the T7 Touch and the older T5 SSD are numerous but let’s start with the obvious.

The T7 Touch sports a fingerprint scanner so that you can secure your files easily. There is the option to secure your files with a password if you prefer but a fingerprint is so much easier.

In terms of speeds, the T7 Touch is a massive improvement on the T5 SSD. Where that drive boasted a paltry 540MB/s transfer speed the T7 has a read speed of 1 050MB/s and a write speed of 1 000MB/s.

This increased speed is thanks in part to the T7 Touch’s support for USB 3.2 and the use of a nice beefy USB Type-C connector. There are of course backwards compatibility options available as well, just in case.

Samsung has also built a “Motion LED” into the SSD which will let folks know when the drive is in use.

As for availability, the T7 Touch will launch later this month in 30 countries. Whether South Africa is included in that batch remains to be seen.

One thing we do know is that these drives will be pricey. While local pricing is not available, dollar pricing starts the T7 Touch out at $129.99 (~R1 840) for 500GB.

We quite like the inclusion of biometric security in this drive especially for business people carrying sensitive company information or even university students looking to protect their data.

In Q2 2020 Samsung will debut a T7 SSD sans fingerprint scanner but boasting the same performance if you’re looking for speed and not necessarily biometric security.