In the past if you wanted to do serious creative work like editing, or rendering, a desktop was your only viable option with notebooks relegated to lighter tasks you’d need to do on the go.

Thankfully we’ve come a long way since then and you can have close to desktop performance and features in a notebook, so you can remain productive while on the go.

Local ICT solutions provider Digital Generation, as a HP First-Platinum Partner, has the perfect fit for many in this regard with the ZBook notebook lineup. These pack the power of the Z Workstations into portable devices so you can keep getting that reliable output when you need to leave your desk.

Today let’s look at some reasons why you should consider a ZBook the next time you’re in the market for a notebook.

1. Beauty 

A trend that has unfortunately plagued the PC market for the longest time is the need to make powerful notebooks convey some of that power in their design, usually leaning on contrasting colours, sharp angles and lots of lighting.

While that’s great if you’re into that specific aesthetic, it’s a bit embarrassing to sit down for a meeting and to have your notebook glowing and pulsating like a radioactive UFO that just landed on the table. ZBooks take a different approach, going for attractive greys, silvers and blacks to make something more understated while still being attractive. Models such as the 15u or 14u (as pictured above) fit that role perfectly.

2. Brawn 

As a range marketed for its power, you can rest assured that the internals of the ZBooks are up to par. While there are many different models with different specs available, let’s take the aforementioned 15u and 14u for example.

Both can come quipped with up to an 8th generation Intel i7-8665U CPU. That’s four cores and eight threads of power that’s designed as a mobile chip to balance performance with battery consumption. Both can also come equipped with AMD RadeonTM Pro WX 3200 discrete graphics for 4GB of dedicated video memory.

3. Screen and size

Aside from garish looks the push for more powerful mobile hardware has also inflated the size of modern notebooks to the point where you can’t actually use it on your lap. Some of the larger variants on the market even require lugging around two separate power bricks to keep your notebook charged up.

Again the ZBook family is more considerate, with the 15u offering a 15.6″, and the 14U a 14″ display. Both are also touch screens, a feature on a notebook you won’t be able to live without after using it. As for resolution many options are available, right up to 4K.

4. Software certification

Powerful hardware doesn’t mean much without software to run it on, and the ZBook range features software certification. This means that, before you unbox your ZBook, HP has worked with the developers of most pieces of industry-standard software to make sure it not only runs, but runs as well as possible to make best use of the hardware on board.

5. Availability and warranty

When you’re reading up on reviews and buying guides for notebooks, you’ve probably run into a problem when an international site recommends a product you can’t buy locally.

That’s not the case with the ZBook range as Digital Generation offers them in the country officially. Not having to import your own notebook means that you benefit from a local warranty, and HP even offers an additional purchase in the form of a three year Next Business Day On-site Hardware Support package, if you’re using your ZBook in an environment where every second of up time is important.

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