Recently a Pokémon Direct was livestreamed which revealed three key pieces of news for the franchise: the existence of a paid expansion (a first for the series), a Mystery Dungeon remake, and the release of Pokémon Home in February.

You can watch the relatively short Direct here, but what we’re really interested in is what the community made of it less than 24 hours after its release.

As with most Pokémon reveals nowadays the collective internet was quick to turn the new creatures and news into impressive fan art and, of course, memes.

Twitter, as usual, was our go to for this kind of content. We’re sure other platforms such as Instagram are similarly rife with it following each reveal for this franchise, but we prefer Twitter as we’ve found less theft in terms of unattributed posts.

In that regard we’ve collected a few of our favourite posts which you can view below. As far as we can tell each is the original source, but if it’s not let us know.

Our favourite from these has to be around Galarian Slowpoke. The generation one original has a new regional variant… which is just the original design with some splashes of yellow.

While the community was pumping out stuff for us to laugh at and admire, the Direct was contentious. The paid expansion has been a mixed affair as compared to the typical third game in a generation, fans weren’t happy about removed Pokémon only returning by way of DLC, and those clamouring for a new Mystery Dungeon title are getting a remake instead of a new game.