Following a day of Stage 2 loadshedding, South Africans should gear up for another day of loadshedding albeit slightly less extreme than the last two days.

As of 06:00 on Friday morning, Eskom downgraded loadshedding to Stage 1 thanks to some generating units returning to service.

“Our pumped storage schemes have been sufficiently replenished, and we continue to work to improve on the levels of diesel at our open cycle gas turbine generators. These emergency reserves will be used to supplement generation capacity today,” said Eskom.

As of 04:00 on Friday morning unplanned outages and breakdowns amounted to 12 098 MW.

While South Africans wrestle with yet another day of loadshedding, the question on our lips – and those of many others – is what happened to President Ramaphosa’s assurances that there would be no loadshedding from 17th December to 13th January?

Deputy president David Mabuza told journalists in Kimberly this week that Eskom misled the president regarding loadshedding.

“They’ve misled the president, but right from the day we went there with the president I insisted on maintenance,” Mabuza said according to Times Live.

Spokesperson for the presidency Khusela Diko, however, says that what we are experiencing now are unplanned power cuts and not loadshedding as the president outlined. A report by EWN reveals that the Presidency tried to change the tune sung by Mabuza and detract from the statement that Eskom misled the Presidency.

Right, let’s stop this spin for just a second.

First and foremost President Ramaphosa and the Presidency – we are not idiots. We are quite capable of reading and every alert issued by Eskom regarding so-called “unplanned power cuts” has included the word loadshedding.

Over and above that, given that the power cuts according to loadshedding schedules, we’re inclined to believe that what we are experiencing is loadshedding.

It appears then as if the Presidency ought to get its story straight while we check our schedules for when loadshedding kicks in for us today.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]