Earlier this year HP revealed its latest notebook offering to a global audience with the Elite Dragonfly. The flagship notebook has since been made available in South Africa through IT specialists like Digital Generation, and is now primed to dominate the local notebook space thanks to its array of covetable features.

When it comes to all the necessary boxes that a flagship notebook needs to tick, the Elite Dragonfly does so handily, as well as touting some features that set it apart from the other competitor models on the market.

If you have any doubts as to the quality on offer here, the Dragonfly is the first of its kind for the manufacturer, along with breaking the usual naming conventions that HP retains for its business-focused Elite notebooks. As such Digital Generation believes the Elite Dragonfly looks to be a pervasive device that you’ll be using both in and out of the office.

Lighter than air

Starting with design, the Elite Dragonfly was not given that moniker for no reason. The notebook comes in at a featherweight 997g, it’s the world’s lightest business compact convertible notebook.

That light design means the Dragonfly is not a burden to carry around, and in many respects promotes use outside of the usual cubicle environment that many businesses favour, and those that wish to work on the go, this new notebook from is not going to hold you back.

As you may have gauged from the device’s world first status, the Dragonfly features a 13.3″ touch-enabled display capable of rotating vertically 360 degrees. This opens up a number of different modes for you to use the Dragonfly in, with its lightweight design lending itself well to use as a tablet when needed.

Added to this is an impressive 16.5 hours of battery life, which alleviates any stress of having to find a plug point when you’re constantly on the move. Should that still not be enough, there is an extended battery life model that can last up to 24.5 hours before the charging cable is called upon, as Digital Generation is well aware of the importance battery life plays for its customers.

From within

Armed with a superb design, especially in the dragonfly blue of the next-gen magnesium chassis, this notebook is equally impressive when you look at what is under the hood.

In this regard the company is offering up several different processor and RAM setups, but the most coveted is undoubtedly the ones featuring an 8th Gen Intel Core vPro processor. Added to this is a choice of either 8GB or 16GB RAM depending on the model you opt for, with HP also serving up to 2TB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage, to ensure that speed and performance are not an issue when you need to push the Dragonfly need to be pushed to the limits.

The firm is also fully aware of the security requirements that mobile workers demand of their devices, and with that in mind have given the Dragonfly three distinct advantages – a HP privacy camera, integrated privacy screen and multi-factor authentication.

When you need to keep things out of the wrong hands, or simply don’t want anyone snooping around your new Dragonfly notebook, HP has the necessary tools in place.

Need we say more

Being an Elite-branded notebook, one may think the Dragonfly is all business. Don’t get us wrong, it can certainly do everything asked of it when it comes to work, but other elements of the device help to ensure it’s a notebook you’re happy to use outside of the office too.

Whether it be design, a lightweight chassis, powerful components, superb battery life or a vivid display, Digital Generation says the Elite Dragonfly ticks all the necessary boxes, as well as a few you didn’t know you needed.

To find out more about the Elite Dragonfly or any other notebooks your business may need, contact HP First-Platinum Partner, Digital Generation today.

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