Back in November of 2019 LEGO announced Originals, a range of wooden toys which would start with 853967: Wooden Minifigure, a giant version of the famous minifigure that is made of oak and features plastic hands to hold onto regular LEGO bricks.

This came out overseas in many places to a rather mixed response, with the biggest bugbear being the price at  $119.99 / £109.99 / €119.99 depending on where you live.

Now the wooden toy has landed in South Africa with a price of R2 199.99. What’s noticeable is that we’re not paying that much more compared to other territories. As always what we pay for LEGO in South Africa is loosely based on the UK price and, at the time of writing, £109.99 is converted to around R2 055.

The odd R150 increase is expected for import duties and such, and still works out cheaper than importing it yourself, especially considering the size of this toy.

The minifigure itself is 20 X 11 X 8 centimetres, and the box it comes it is a bit bigger than that. According to the marketing material this makes the wooden version five times bigger than the traditional plastic one.

Aside from the centrepiece minifigure you do get some plastic bricks in the box – 29 to be exact. These can be used to build small decorations to be held in those plastic hands, but the set also comes with 28-page booklet with inspirations to build more items using your own bricks, and how you can paint this set.

While we’re sure many with the deep pockets to pick this item up will want to leave it as is to see the wood grain, we do imagine that some artistic folks out there will break out the paints.

Regardless of which camp you fall in, the wooden minifigure can be bought right now from the official LEGO store for R2199.99 including shipping.