When joining a new company and being assigned a notebook from the IT department, you’re often given something plastic, angular and slow. This does not inspire confidence in a workforce, nor does it give them the best tools to get the job done.

The more savvy enterprises out there should instead look to the kinds of notebooks that specialists like Digital Generation favour, such as the HP EliteBook range, if they want to help make work for their employees a pleasure and not a chore.

This as Digital Generation has found that this range of enterprise-focused notebooks are unlike the other lineups you may find at other brands, with the manufacturer giving as much time and attention to the design, user interface and entertainment capabilities of the device as it does to performance and price point.

Slicker than your average

Starting with the look and feel of the EliteBook range, these devices would not look out-of-place at your local coffee shop where the next great South African novel is being written. While HP’s Spectre and Envy lineups are built with aesthetics in mind, Digital Generation says the EliteBook offerings are quite handsome in their own right.

To that end they’re routinely swathed in silver to keep things looking both sleek and professional, as well as featuring an aluminium chassis to showcase its premium build quality. You won’t find any hard edges either, with HP ensuring that the lines on the Elite notebooks are designed to keep things as minimalist and simple as possible.

Added to this is a svelte form factor, with many Elite models featuring class-leading thinness and lightweight bodies. Examples of this include the recently revealed Dragonfly notebook, purpose-built for portability while delivering superb battery life and performance.

Sights and sounds 

Shifting to entertainment, which is not something that one would immediately associate with an enterprise-focused piece of hardware, HP has ensured the EliteBook range is not left wanting.

Several models within the range feature Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers for example, which are not only great when watching videos or movies in your down time, but can prove vital when handling important conference calls or making presentations.

Speaking of presentations, most EliteBook notebooks feature a crisp and clear Full HD display, with options to upgrade to a richer resolution when needed. This can often make the difference while presenting to a prospective client, as well as assisting users whose eyes may be straining when staring at an inferior quality screen for several hours straight during the day.

Sticking with the sights and sounds on offer from EliteBook, HD webcams are added to the mix for many of the notebooks too, while also adding a layer security thanks to a physical webcam shutter should any bad actors try to access your device.

The price is right 

The final tenant where the EliteBook range shines is pricing, which is a crucial aspect as to why Digital Generation endorses for many of its customers. Added to this are a number of different options to fit any budget or business need.

There are of course more premium devices in the range that offer a powerhouse performance as well as being beautifully designed with innovative features such as rotating screens to make the notebooks capable of switching into a number of modes.

Where the EliteBook shines though is at the lower end of the spectrum, as many of the aforementioned features and design elements are standard across the range. If cost plays a significant role in purchasing new hardware, which it often does for any business, then the Elite range has you covered.

The added benefit is that the devices feature an eye-catching design and bevy of elements to go along with the great value for money on offer.

To find out more about the EliteBook range, and any other solution or service that your business may require, contact HP First-Platinum Partner Digital Generation here.

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