Official Dell distributor, Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has introduced the Dell Optiplex 7070 Ultra, an innovative desktop that stores its small and powerful technology vertically inside a thin and light display stand.

Available immediately to DCC’s SA and SADC channel partners, the Dell Optiplex 7070 Ultra offers a flexible, zero-footprint desktop design allowing for a working environment that is clutter free. The Optiplex 7070 Ultra is fully modular which means users can configure and upgrade it as needed throughout the product lifecycle.

“The independent upgradability of the Optiplex 7070 Ultra brings the best of the traditional desktop and the All-in-One together into a single, new, innovative platform that boost productivity while saving space – an important differentiator,” comments George Lodewick, Dell desktop and notebook specialist at DCC.

A recent Dell study shows that using two monitors can boost worker productivity by up to 21 percent. The Optiplex 7070 Ultra can support up to three displays – from 19″ to 27″ – for increased productivity. Power, data, video and audio are transmitted in one single cable when the Ultra is paired with Dell USB-C monitors.

The Dell Optiplex 7070 Ultra offers the following key features:

  • Independent upgrade of the PC and display – users can swap out, upgrade or service any part at any time;
  • A monitor stand that integrates the PC within and includes physical security options designed to protect against tampering;
  • Flexible configurations ideal for multi-user, open-plan workspaces;
  • Configurable to different work styles with compatible products like a height adjustable stand, fixed stand, VESA mount, Dell Single Monitor Arm (MSA20) for adjustability and Dell Dual Monitor Arm (MDA20) for added desk agility; and
  • Performance and scalability to match users’ needs, up to 8th Gen Intel Core vPro i7 processors, Intel WiFi 6, 64GB6 of RAM and up to two 1TB SSDs.

The Dell Optiplex 7070 Ultra ships with 3-year next business day warranty. 

To find out more about the Optiplex 7070 Ultra, or any other Dell products, contact local distributor DCC here.

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