The dice tower is the perfect example of a simple concept – make dice rolls faster and more interesting – being continuously re-imagined to create increasingly impressive ideas. This version, dubbed the Bone Giant, is maybe the best one yet. A dead monster’s remains pinned to the side of a mountain for players to roll their dice down, its ribs and killing weapon being used to randomise the numbers.

This project comes to us from the folks at Mad Goblin Workshop who wanted to make something a bit more interesting than a regular dice tower.

They walked us through the process here which didn’t start in CAD software as most of the 3D prints we feature do. Instead a rough prototype was created in sculpting clay to perfect the scale of the piece as well as ensure that the dice would always roll reliably.

This prototype was made in just an hour and served as the reference point when it came time to model in Blender. This took much longer, as expected, with an estimated 30 hours of work put into the design before it was finalised.

Printing itself took even longer at 150 hours for all the pieces here. 1.2 kilograms of PLA filament was used, making this a rather hefty tabletop piece.

The dimensions of the finished print are 15″ length X 12″ width X 10″ height (38.1 X 30.48 X 25.4 centimetres). That height figure is only measuring from the base to the top of the skull, however. If you take the sword as the top of the print instead, the height is closer to 15″ / 38.1 centimetres.

After assembly, filler, sanding and painting, the Bone Giant was completed and you can see the final version in the gallery below. There’s a lot of great details here such as the tiny buildings to help convey the scale and a body of water in the base which acts as the landing platform for the dice.

We highly recommend watching Mad Goblin Workshop’s video to see a timelapse of the project being made.

If you’re now inspired to make your own, the files are available for free on Thingiverse. Just make sure you print it in accordance with the dice you want to use, lest your D20 gets caught between a couple of ribs.

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