Over the past few weeks we’ve question a number of changes that Facebook has made to its platform, particularly when it comes to policies and regulation. This latest feature, however, is most welcome and should give users more control as to where and how their accounts are viewed online.

To that end Facebook will now notify users when their account is used to log into a third-party application. Previously certain apps offered the option to sign in via one’s Facebook or Google account as an easier method of login than creating a brand new profile.

While this is useful in specific cases, it can sometimes prove hard to keep track of all the apps you’ve logged into or singed up for.

This new system will now help users keep tabs on what their account is being used for, and perhaps most importantly a notice of whether their account has been compromised or being used without their knowledge.

The feature, called Login Notifications, will also facilitate what kind of Facebook information that third-party apps will be able to see, the firm adds. This includes details like your name and profile picture, email address, birthday, page likes and friends list.

On paper this sound good, but given the company’s spotty history when it comes to sharing data with third-parties in the past, we’re not entirely sure the degree of control that’s provided here.

It should also be mentioned that this notification service will not apply for every single login that occurs, but rather the first login for a new third-party app, and then once agin once access to information has elapsed for said application.

It’s not a perfect system, but a step in the right direction for a company and platform that needs to do more to win back the trust of its users.