Back in December Pokémon announced Twilight Wings, a seven-episode animated short series set in the new Galar region from the Sword and Shield games.

The first episode of this series has finally aired with episode one, “Letter”.

Before we get into the episode, which you can watch for free on YouTube in the embed below, we have to address a crucial missing element here: English and British accents. There’s none. If you’re wondering why that’s important, it’s because Galar is based on the UK.

More than that: the fan community has created their own headcanon around the female trainer having a strong Scottish accent. As the games themselves don’t feature voice acting (yes, they did come out in 2019 without this) many saw this series as the perfect opportunity to make the joke legit.

Unfortunately that’s not the case here, but this first episode is still promising.

At just over six minutes there isn’t much on the bone, but the animation and art style is very pleasing and, strangely enough, reminiscent of Digimon.

The plot centres around the two characters which were featured in the key art revealed in December. One of the boys, Josh, is a hospital-bound Pokémon fan who is visited by Chairman Rose.

While Josh and his friend are new characters, Chairman Rose and Oleana are featured in the games. Their presence here indicates that we’ll hopefully learn more about them as they were crucial to the games’ plot, but had little development in the screen time they got.

The next episode will air a month from now, so check back in the middle of February for the second instalment.

Oh, and Bea is crazy for sending out a Machamp against a Charizard. At least the braindead nature of the NPCs from the game carries over into this animation.